One last thing, Fuck you.

You know what? Fuck you.

The reason I now refuse to let anyone near me.
The reason I now hide away from anyone trying to learn my name.
The reason I now view friends as the end instead of beauty.
You twisted my heart and then broke it in two, you sat in your throne and laughed as my head slammed into the ground.
You took my feet and bounded them together, took my hands away so they were unable to pry away the fingers choking around my throat.
You cursed my eyes so they wouldn’t stop crying your name.
You smiled. Like most sociopaths pretend to do
You laughed at my tears. It rang through me like nails scratching on a chalkboard.
You brought me a family and then ripped them away from me faster than I could scream, “Please, don’t make me go through this again. I’ve already lost too many of my own.”


Because I did lose everyone. Then I lost them again. And then again.
You left me bleeding on the sidewalk with no place to go. You thrust me out of your life so fast, my heart bounced out of my chest. You drove away without looking back and all I could do was cauterize the bleeding.

After all, how do you uncauterized a heart? When loss has been so scorched into your veins? Another reopened wound, that never really got to heal until now.

Don’t forget.
I hate you. I wish nothing good for you.

Have you ever even felt pain?
Have you ever even lived in struggle?
Do you know what poison taste like? Your words.
And, my god, I hope you find out.

I found my family again, good luck keeping yours.

Oh, my heart is still beating. But not for you. You never deserved it.

You never cared anyway.

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