Drown: Alcoholism (Addiction)

“This is for anyone who’s ever had to watch someone they love struggle with extreme alcoholism.” My girlfriend wrote this beautiful song, worth a listen.


Come back.

My heart is beating after you. My feet want to track you, run after you.

Don’t leave.

You press your body against mine and everything come alive like it’s for the first time. Every touch from your fingers ignites my every nerve. Like I forgot I had feeling there….like I forgot that part of me existed. I knew my skin could feel love, it must’ve at some point before, but the world filled my pores with its abuse and then laminated it to me. My skin turned black underneath the surface, but your touch electrifies them. Your touch takes away the darkness, the pain. I think the only thing that can truly heal pain, is love and that’s the most beautiful part of being alive. Every part of my body starts to crave it. Every part of me wants your love to spread over its darkness. You are my sunshine. My beautiful ray of sunshine.

Your lips press against mine and the only word my brain can think of is “My beautiful.” Your kiss sends my heart flying, but your touch makes my feet steady on the ground. Your eyes glisten back at me in a mischievous loving way. Like you can’t wait to get into some trouble on an adventure with me.

They don’t want to leave either.

So stay here. Stay a little while longer here with me. 

Don’t leave. 

The Seamstress’s Apprentice.

When I first saw her,
I saw this fire behind her eyes
a fire someone else tried to throw water on
I saw this beautiful and open wound
there is only so much stitching you can do by yourself.
I wanted nothing more than to be her seamstress.
Stitch together that heart someone else destroyed
Stitch together those broken wings,
the ones that she gave up on,
the ones that slowly lost their color,
the ones that deserve to spread once again.

Let me make you a dress. I’ll design every part and every curve.
These pieces of fabric, torn from their home, will come together.
Let my love be the string, my words the needle.
Let me zip you into beauty.
The beauty you already own.

She smiled and I had to hold myself back from jumping inside.
She laughed and my entire world tilted.
a laugh you can lose yourself in
a laugh you can’t help but join in with
a laugh you never get tired of hearing.

My love.
She’s now mine.

We are two beautifully broken people, yet we don’t destroy each other.
Let my hands intertwine with yours,
I’ll take them into my heart so they’ll never feel alone again.
Let my touch bring you back from outer space
Because this world we are creating together is too beautiful to miss.
We take our pain and build mountains together.
Mountains that are too high for anyone else to climb.
We rebuild ourselves separately and together with love.
I didn’t need to be your seamstress, just your apprentice.
We stitched that heart up together
We stitched those wings and now you are soaring.
And damn, it’s so beautiful. Every part of it.
You are the definition of beautiful.
Once I fix mine,
we can fly alongside each other off into the sunset.
Where everything is okay.
Where we are okay.
Where the world is right.

No one can take this away from us.
I am here to stay, this love is here to stay.
Our fires can burn together, no one trying to put them out.
This world better watch out,
because this fire is going to keep on burning.